Equipment for pneumatic conveying and powder handling systems

Pneu Powders Systems are able to design, customize and supply all major types of equipment used in pneumatic conveying and powder handling systems. This is part of our total system approach, and we offer the following:

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Equipment and systems we manufacture and supply

Auto debagging systems

We design and fit custom auto debagging solutions that cover a broad range of bags, are simple to operate, and are highly reliable. Our auto debagging systems are cost-effective additions to processing plants, as they:

  • Greatly reduce plant labor and overheads
  • Improve production rates
  • Minimize downtime

Our heavy duty debagger efficiently separates the bag from the material with minimal product carry-over. The system can debag from 100 to 600 bags per hour. The debagging rate depends on the product and the bag construction.

Our auto debagging systems generally work by feeding bags into an in-feed chute. The bags then slide along the chute into a series of rotating blades. These blades slit the bags prior to them entering a rotating trommel screen, which is a perforated tube that tumbles the slit bag to separate the product from the bag. The product drops through the perforations into a feed hopper while the waste bag moves along the tube towards a compactor for disposal.

Auto debagging systems used in the powder handling and pneumatic conveying industry

Automation and control systems

Automation and control systems are a vital part of any pneumatic conveying and powder handling projects. Our ability to interpret, design and supply electrical and electronic control panels is an important part of our total system approach to these projects.

Pneu Powders Systems have extensive experience in providing innovative and user-friendly control systems. We ensure that our solutions meet all project requirements and are best fit. We design and supply automation and control systems, from simple motor starters and site wiring to complex recipe handling, maintenance and scheduling systems. Dependent upon automation requirements, we can supply:

  • PLC hardware and software
  • Recipe management and batch traceability
  • Reporting systems
  • System Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)
  • Motor control centres
  • Choice of hardwired, remote I/O, DeviceNet or ASiBus

We are not limited to these options. Feel free to contact us to see how we can design and supply the specific system you have.

Automation & control systems used in the powder handling and pneumatic conveying industry

Big/bulk bag unloading systems

Systems for unloading big/bulk bag greatly increase operator safety and significantly reduce labor. Pneu Powders Systems understand that designing and sourcing the best-fit big/bulk bag unloading system for a specific powder handling project is a specialized service. This is because there is a large variety of big/bulk bags used and the materials supplied with these bags. Our vast experience in powder handling system systems integration gives us an enhanced ability to deliver the best fit solution required. Our systems have a strong focus on safe bag handling and dust management, with many options to best fit a wide range of budgets and capacities including:

  • Hoist or forklift truck loading
  • Single trip or multi trip
  • Lined and unlined bags
  • Earthing to manage static electricity

We deliver solutions for big/bulk bag unloading of demanding products such as:

  • Abrasive materials like sand
  • Sticky and claggy materials such as titanium dioxide
  • Dangerous materials like sodium cyanide and glycophosphate

We also cover situations that require a high level of hygiene and sanitation, such as those common in the food, dairy and pharmaceutical industries.

Big/bulk bag unloading systems used in the powder handling and pneumatic conveying industry

Blending and mixing systems

Mixing in the powder handling industry generally involves forcefully combining granules and powders with large quantities of liquids to form a homogeneous material. The mixture then becomes a liquid, or semi-solids such as a cream, dough or paste. Blending involves combining granules and powders in a gentle manner, making the material inseparable but not necessarily homogeneous. It can involve combining solids with solids, or solids with small amounts of liquid. Examples of blends are making cake mixes or colouring expanded cereals.

Blending and mixing systems are tailored to specific process requirements and may be either a continuous or batch process. Most powder handling projects utilize the batch approach as this:

  • Ensures better control over quality, batch size and make-up
  • Minimizes risk of contamination of completed and stored batches
  • Simple and accurate minors addition

Pneu Powders Systems deliver blending and mixing solutions such as high speed, low or high shear mixers, in line blending, energy-efficient mixing and much more.

Blending & mixing systems used in the powder handling and pneumatic conveying industry

Dehumidification systems

Dehumidifiers are used to cool and remove moisture from air that is used within powder handling systems. Dehumidification systems are vital in situations when powders and granules are hygroscopic or sensitive to heat. These are commonly used in the food processing, dairy processing and pharmaceutical industries.

Pneu Powders Systems can provide dehumidifiers, air coolers or pre-heaters that will meet the specific requirements of any powder handling system. They can be used inside or outside and can have the following:

  • Chilled water/desiccant
  • Complete air treatment
  • Hand demountable for inspection and cleaning
  • Integrated filtration
  • Electric or hot gas reheat
  • Self-contained refrigeration

Our dehumidification systems can be designed and constructed for high level sanitary requirements typical in the food processing, dairy processing and pharmaceutical industries.

Dehumidification systems used in the powder handling and pneumatic conveying industry

Dust filtration systems

Dust filtration and collector systems remove hazardous particles to improve air quality in powder handling and pneumatic conveying systems. They reduce plant maintenance costs and downtime, and maximize the safety of plant workers. These systems are extensively utilized in areas such as receiving hoppers and silo vents.

Pneu Powders Systems understand the importance of efficient filters and dust collector systems. Despite the diversity in this area, our broad experience means we can provide best-fit filters and dust collector solutions to meet any specific set of requirements. We make extensive use of Airjet filter and Aspiration units, which deliver maximum efficiency and high performance dust collecting and have the following features:

  • Heavy duty stainless or mild steel construction
  • Fully adjustable jet pulsed cleaning system
  • Easy to dismantle for maintenance and inspection
  • Modular component design to best support maintenance and inspection
  • Utilize Snaptex filters that are easily released and changed

We also provide required filter customization such as:

  • Custom material design using polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) coating or tubular fabrics
  • Sanitary grade designs for use in food processing, dairy and pharmaceutical industries
  • Customized ratio of air to cloth to best suit specific requirements
  • Anti-static filter cloth when handling of explosive or fragile dusts

Dust filtration systems used in the powder handling and pneumatic conveying industry

ISO container and truck unloading and loading systems

Processing of granules and powders in a production plant begins with these materials needing to be efficiently and reliably loaded for transportation and unloaded for processing. Pneu Powders Systems custom design and supply ISO container and truck unloading and loading systems for granules and powders.

Bulk granules and powders are efficiently transported required distances to loading spouts using pneumatic conveying with integrated blowers or vacuums. The loading spouts are then used to load ISO containers or trucks for transport or unload these for storage in storage silos. These systems are sophisticated and can involve the use of complex equipment. They can be fitted with tilting platforms, filters, hoppers, fans and other options to increase efficiency, quality and consistency.

However, Pneu Powders Systems also offer simple systems to unload varying sizes of bagged granules and powders from ISO containers and trucks. These simple unloading systems include auto debagging systems, big/bulk bag unloading systems and small bag tipping and dumping systems.

ISO container and truck loading & unloading systems used in the powder handling and pneumatic conveying industry

Small bag tipping and dumping systems

Pneu Powders Systems offer small bag tipping and dumping systems that empty small bags (up to 25 kg) of granules and powders in a safe, efficient and dust-free manner. They are a cost-effective addition that increases operator safety, improves plant environment and reduces labor cost.

Our range of small bag tipping and dumping systems include options such as dust extraction and the compaction of empty bags. They are offered in standard sizes, however can be easily custom designed to suit specific sized hoppers and other particular requirements. We are able to help you plan how to:

  • Best manage dust
  • Dispose of the resulting empty bags
  • Convey the material to the next process

This allows us to deliver cost-effective small bag tipping and dumping solutions that will best fit your needs.

Small bag tipping & dumping systems used in the powder handling and pneumatic conveying industry

Storage silos

A safe, reliable and accessible indoor or outdoor storage silo system is crucial to any powder handling plant. These storage structures are designed to contain a variety of dry bulk materials, including:

  • Cereals
  • Chemicals
  • Dairy powders
  • Flour
  • Mineral
  • Mixtures
  • Plastics
  • Salt
  • Starch
  • Sugar

Pneu Powders Systems offer a variety of storage silos that meet a wide range of requirements. In special cases, we can build custom storage silos to best-fit any specific situation involving material and plant. PPS supply mild steel, stainless steel and lightweight aluminium storage silos. We also offers additional features such as pressure, vacuum and explosion relief systems, as well as skirt or leg supports.

Mild steel silos can be epoxy coated in food grade paint. They are durable, heavy duty and cost-effective solutions suitable for most products. Stainless steel silos are a high durability, heavy duty and rust-proof solution suitable for most products. Lightweight aluminium silos are durable, lightweight, larger capacity and rust-proof solutions, best suited to plastic products.

Storage silos used in the powder handling and pneumatic conveying industry

Weighing and batching systems

In powder handling and pneumatic conveying systems it is essential to be able to weigh, meter and batch materials, large or small, to create a consistent final product. Applications such as soup mixing, baking recipes, pharmaceutical supplements and confectionery all require a weighing and batching system to ensure their product is of the same quality every production. Pneu Powders Systems offers a wide range of equipment that can suit systems from as small as micro ingredient systems with minuscule doses to 20‑tonne flour silos that meter out materials by the tonne.

Our systems include the following basic features:

  • Micro, minor and major dosing systems for materials
  • Sanitary, dust-free and safe
  • Fast fill or slow trickle filling with optional self-tuning
  • Automated top-up systems
  • High accuracy load cells and weight control functions
  • Continuous weighing systems

Our weighing and batching systems use innovative control panels and recipe management. They include SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) or HMI (Human Machine Interface) and are used for inventory control, reporting and process visualization. These interfaces can be integrated with a management information system for monitoring and process optimization.

Weighing and batching systems used in the powder handling and pneumatic conveying industry